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Code Resolution® is home to dedicated creatives, united by a fiery passion for producing groundbreaking work that astonishes and inspires. Expect brilliance, embrace extraordinary.



Team discovery workshop

Elevate your work-life harmony through adaptable hours in our entirely remote work environment, tailored for your convenience.

  • Start as late as 11am, or as early as 7am.
  • Generous per-project award bonuses.
  • £200 annual learning contribution for masterclasses, webinars, events and books to help you hone your skills.
  • Regular 1:1’s with mentoring opportunities.
  • Celebrate your birthday with paid leave.

Personal Growth

Excel as a key player, acquiring new skills and embracing cutting-edge tech in our dynamic environment.

  • Master new technologies for invaluable skill development.
  • Collaborate with seasoned industry professionals.
  • Engage with diverse clients and partners.
  • Tackle real-world projects for hands-on experience.
  • Receive generous cash bonuses for unlimited award achievements, rewarding outstanding work.
  • Contribute to exciting open-source projects maintained by Code Resolution.

Green Steps

We're relentlessly dedicated to eradicating our footprint on the Earth, striving for a harmonious, sustainable future.

  • Monthly employee carbon footprint offset.
  • ~50 trees planted monthly, 3,000+ funded.
  • Support agricultural, sustainability, and carbon avoidance projects (28.5 tCO2e prevented, 21 projects).
  • Client referrals: donate to charity or plant 500 trees.
  • Zero business miles except when essential.
  • 1 day paid leave/year to support a cause or charity.
  • Green hosting providers.

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Front-End Developer
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